Выпуск #12 — The Fountains of Forever (2 часть)
Издательство: Titan Comics
Дата выхода: 10.06.2015

After a brief break in New York City, the Doctor and Gabby were ready to set off in search of a new adventure – but trouble is never far from the Doctor. Picking up a mysterious signal in the heart of Manhattan, he discovered a secret action where, among the junk, he found something of true value: an alien device with unknown and powerful properties! Purchased by a private bidder, the Doctor followed its signal to actress Dorothy Bell’s apartment – stalked by the street-smart agent, Cleo! Having got her hands on the device at Bell’s home, Cleo revealed the device’s true power: reverting Dorothy’s assistant Vivian back to a baby! The Doctor was a hit too… and is retro-regenerating back to his ninth incarnation!