#5 Звук наших голосов
Авторы: Ал Ивинг, Ричард Старклингс, Джимми Бетанкоурт, Бу Кук, Хай-Фай, Эндрю Джеймс, Роб Фрамер
Издательство: Titan Comics
Дата выхода: 12.11.2014

Still trapped aboard the SERVEYOUinc research satellite, Alice and the Doctor must unravel the mystery of the creature codenamed «ARC» — while staying one step ahead of its whisper-quiet rampage through the station!

But there’s something essential the Doctor’s missing — something he’s overlooked.

Can Alice help him see it, in time to save her life… or is the story of the Doctor’s favorite sarcastic library assistant doomed to end in the icy depths of space?